Custom Personality Assessments

Hiring is hard, why not get some help? When I created the recruiting division of BBI, I extensively utilized scientific personality testing to determine if my candidates were who I thought they were. When you go through the Hiring and Training Module, you will see that I suggest using these toward the end of the hiring cycle, to make sure our precise interview processes were on target.

While we were able to “make do” with some of the generic testing assessments, the problem was that no actual, custom coach assessment existed… until now.

As part of creating this program for you, I contracted with Self Management Group, one of the leading publishers and creators of highly rated personality and skills assessment test who I’ve worked with over the years. With over 100,000 assessments performed, I asked them if they would create an assessment specifically for Coaches. They did, and it’s available on this page exclusively through Coaching System Architect.

Below, is a list of my recommended assessments, based on who you are hiring.

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A Full Description of the Assessments we offer

Coach Pro for Business Coaching:

The CoachPRO™ is the profile for the selection and development of individuals in business coaching positions. It assesses coaching style, results orientation, communications style and other key competencies as well as self-management, motivation, team orientation, comfort with conflict, confidence, lifestyle management, approach to networking, listening style and emotional intelligence.

The CoachPRO™ provides detailed feedback to both the individual for personal growth and the individual’s manager for development purposes. What I like best about this and all the assessments, is that level of precision in testing you won’t get on your own, without a tool like this.

See an example of a full CoachPro assessment



POP7: The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) has been used for recruiting and selecting sales people for nearly three decades. The POP™ has been validated in a wide variety of sales cultures throughout North America, Asia and in other parts of the world and is used to discover self-managers who will be consistent top performers. It has been proven effective in predicting both performance and retention. Use the POP™ for selecting sales positions roles where compensation is primarily based on commission.

Personally, I’ve used hundreds of these throughout the years to hire my sales staff.

See an example of a Sample POP7 Profile



MPP: Management Pro™ is a state-of-the-art psychometric profiling tool that measures the potential for success and suitability to a career in a management or leadership role. It assesses the factors that allow managers and leaders to effectively manage people and performance.

A thoroughly validated assessment tool, the Management Pro™  is ideal for your own executive employee recruiting and selection. It is proven effective in predicting performance and retention. In addition to being an effective employee recruiting and selection tool, the detailed report can also be used for team building, executive coaching, conflict resolution, succession planning and matching individuals to mentors, peers and staff. Our benchmarking and validation process can be used to develop ideal candidate models specific to your unique organization and culture.

See an example of a Sample Profile: 



Trust Pro: The TrustPro™ identifies an individual’s propensity toward trust and diagnoses what the individual does to impede or facilitate it in their business relationships. The customized, detailed reporting system helps leadership to coach and develop this critical skill.

See an example of a TrustPro Sample Profile: