Creating An Expert Network

Over the years, I have created several coaching and consulting organizations as large as 350 people, from scratch. Each time I did so, it generated enormous goodwill with clients, recurring profits and a base for attracting and selling to more and more clients.

If you teach a method of doing something that greatly benefits your clients, if you have developed a technique for making something work, if you have a formula and a process that can be repeated, you are in the perfect position to build and grow a network.

If your client requires YOUR product to run their business or enhance their life, then perfect… You are in the best possible position. Still not sure?

Here are a few ideas.

  • You sell software like I did, which needs support, customization, and training.
  • You’ve developed a technique on how to buy and sell homes for a profit and the end user needs your materials as well as training.
  • You have a medical or dental, chiropractic or surgical procedure you have perfected or an invention that goes along with a technique.
  • You have a process like “How to hire nurses” or “How to start a retail business” or “How to raise your consciousness” which are all great candidates for this concept.
  • You have a tool (physical, electronic, software, or otherwise) that greatly reduces costs, save time, enhances results and you have to train people how to use it.

These are just some examples of the type of business that can successfully exploit the power of a massive army of consultants, expertly trained and ready to be deployed to generate more sales for your company, assist you in working with your clients on-site and sell or refer your products and services as part of their own business model.

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